Extreme Nissan GT-R With Extreme Tuning!

Everyone know it by the name Godzilla, thanks primarily to geographical belonging, then that exudes such force that it’s a monster. But if it looks like this how can you baptize it?


So, we meet again the Nissan GT-R, the supercar for middle class around the world… and the destroyer of supercars for upper class… Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche…

It’s hard to say that the Nissan GT-R comes from a nice family, given the allure of squarish predecessors. But about this model we can say that is the best looking (and, implicitly, for the common good, the most powerful) so far.


Then it happens that someone to believe that a GT-R’s innate traits are not enough, so he takes and applies a series of surgeries. Sometimes praiseworthy, sometimes we remember the Predator alien creature which renounced at his mask.


Maybe you can have a strange sympathy for the above Predator, but for sure you couldn’t present it to anyone as “my good looking friend”.

You tell us what you think about the tuning kit for the Nissan GT-R carefully watching the HYPeRPoWeR photography.

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