Tesla radicaly changed the game in automotive industry: all patents will be public !!!


So far, Elon Musk, founder of electric car Tesla, was just a thorn for large car manufacturers. But by now has become an  enemy for conventional automotive. Why? See below how Musk is “likely” to change the ground of automotive history.


Who knows what the words “open source” means, can predict the problem that carmakers will have with Elon Musk. As founder of Tesla said, just one day before the Friday-the-13th that he intends to publish all patents used in its electric cars, but also for charging Supercharger network.

Making a parenthesis, patents for the automotive world are something vital in maintaining competitiveness, from their being able to obtain huge profits (or going into “dark side” may impede the development of rival companies). If company X prototyped a technological idea, any other firm is forced to pay to use that idea. Or invest to create something similar.


Elon Musk apparently does not think so and makes a revolutionary step and announced that on the company’s blog in a post novel called “All our patents belong to you”. Tesla boss simply keep the desire to rush popularizing electric cars. Musk says that the big car manufacturers are moving too slowly in this direction, so decided to give them a boost.

Fresh joke on the internet: The Chinese thank Elon Musk for this decision, but does not help them, because they still intend to copy patents Tesla 🙂

“Overall, I think patents have come to represent a weakness for a company,” said Elon Musk in a recent interview, “since they hinder innovation and technological development is not fast enough”.  Intellectual property has become a mine waiting to explode, says Musk.


Some analysts say that Elon Musk’s grand gesture hides actually a subterfuge: this ad is expected to make big gains for Tesla company image, which will mean a rapid increase in the company’s shares on the stock exchange, with the direct effect of rapid enrichment of Musk. What’s a little exaggerated, given that Elon Musk already has a fortune estimated at $ 10 billion …

The real problem that auto manufacturers will have with Elon Musk’s announcement ia that it will represent the start of a trend that threatens the current policy of the big auto companies profits. Public pressure on transparency and information sharing will increase and the current business model seems likely to change completely.

What do you think about Elon Musk’s announcement: will help electric cars to eliminate conventional cars ?

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